It is with great pleasure, with the partnership of AMAX Futsal and André Caro "The Doctor", that I am launching my online course, fully in English, “Conditioning for Futsal: From Youth to Elite Seniors”.

Divided into four modules following a logical and didactic sequence, the course consists of 20 hours of studies and issuance of certificate upon completion.

Futsal is a sport that evolves every year, with physical training being perhaps the aspect that has grown the most in recent decades. The game is continually becoming more intense and dynamic and the athletes are increasingly getting stronger, more agile and faster, forcing the physical trainers and sports scientists to study and go deeper into the "sport of the heavy ball".

Therefore, the idea of this online course arises, in order to help not only young Physical Education and Sports students, but also all professionals involved in Futsal: physical trainers, coaches, goalkeeper coaches, physiotherapists, sport scientists, athletes etc.

The topics discussed in each module have relevant and current content, based on sports science and practical experience, always focused on Futsal, leading participants to reason about the best strategy to be adopted for their team with regard to physical preparation and all the nuances that surround it.

The course is not only aimed at adult and high-performance teams. Its content can be applied to all ages, with a scientific basis and the personal touch of those who have been working on the courts for more than two decades, providing rich content not only for young professionals waiting for an opportunity in the job market, but for those that are already working.

I have been a physical trainer for Futsal teams for over 23 years, with extensive experience in Brazil and abroad, and that is why I feel comfortable sharing my knowledge with all of you.

Best Regards!

Coach Harrison Muzzy


Study on-demand. Watch the video lessons as many times as you want!
Opening Module
·      Welcome and Course Schedule
·      General Information
Module I Physical Preparation for Youth and Injury Prevention
Released upon purchase
·      Aspects to consider when training children and teenagers
·      Adequacy of training
·      Concept of injury
·      Origin of injuries
·      Prevention programs
·      21 extra videos: examples of exercises for a good prevention program
·      FREE E-BOOK: Motor Learning and Physical Preparation for Youth
·   Bonus: 6 scientific articles
Module II Training Organisation part 1
Released 7 days after purchase
·      Structuring the season
·      Organisation of mesocycle and macrocycle
·      Warm-up
·      24 extra videos: examples of exercises for warm-up routines
·      Bonus: 6 scientific articles
Module III Training Organisation part 2
Released 14 days after purchase
·      Energy Systems
·      Training of the main physical capacities in Futsal
·      Functional training
·      Introduction to monitoring training load
·      18 extra videos: examples of strength and power training, agility, reaction drills etc.
·      Bonus: 14 scientific articles

All audiovisual material will be available for studies for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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Conditioning for Futsal: From Youth to Elite Seniors

Author: Harrison Muzzy
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