Workshop: 8 Ways to Amplify your Personal Brand

Workshop: 8 Ways to Amplify your Personal Brand

As a home stager, amplifying our personal brand is very important. This is why this workshop by Aarti Parmar is a must-watch in our industry.

About Aarti Parmar
With 15 years’ experience working with multiple businesses, sectors and owners – both in the UK and from managing a creative agency in Malaysia. Aarti Parmar, brand strategist, brand designer and qualified personal performance coach, has empowered hundreds of SMEs and entrepreneurs to steer their brands in the right direction with clarity and confidence. Her brand purpose is to educate and empower small businesses for intentional brand-led growth and fulfilment. She believes if a brand is not clear on the inside, it will never be clear on the outside.

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HSA Member Natalie Evans
HSA Member Natalie Evans

"I have the longest list of actions to support my business journey. The rest of 2020 is looking exciting because of the inspiration that the Forum has given so many of us."

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