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Provide health benefits, productivity, and quality of life to your projects — a course for architects and interior designers.

You will discover strategies to:

  • Transform your projects into high-performance spaces.
  • Positively impact society and the environment.
  • Make your career more influential and recognized in your region.
  • Grow the number of projects & profitability you can generate.
  • Acquire customers that will pay more for your services.

Included in your purchase:

  • Sustainable Interiors Course: (value of $697)
  • Additional Masterclasses (Integrative Process + Job Site, value of $97)
  • Sustainable Interiors Chronogram (value of $47)
  • Briefing and Proposal Model: (value of $197)
  • 1 Year of Greenhero Community: (Inestimable value)
  • 1 Year of Community New Weekly Classes: (Inestimable value)
  • Green Social: (value of $97)
  • Green Sale: (value of $297)
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