Training course

Welcome to the Thai Massage for Babies training course with Barbara Santos.
This course was designed and prepared by Barbara Santos after her long experience of living in Thailand for 6 years and studying Thai massage since 2012.
It is destined for moms, dads, massage therapists, physiotherapists, doulas, midwives and any public interested in knowing and connecting with bodywork for babies from 1 month to 2 years old.

Differently from the well-known Shantala (from India), this technique does not request the use of oil, which encourages parents to deliver massage for the baby in any circumstances.
Infant massage is an excellent chain of love that unites the relationship between mother, father and child. Through the frequent practice of massages on babies, parents are able to better understand the phases of growth, understanding the development of the body, changes in behavior, phases of sleep, crying crises, anxiety and irritation. The subtle touch and affection present during the massage, allow babies to experience moments of relaxation that bring joy and comfort.

About the Instructor
Barbara Santos has been a teacher of Thai massage and body therapies since 2012. Her interest in Thai therapies and culture led her to pursue a master's degree in Philosophy and Religion at Assumption University in Bangkok, Thailand, where she stayed and lived for six years (2014-2020).
From 2011-2012, she worked as a massage therapist in Australia, working in one of the best SPA's in Australia at the time - Keturah Day Spa. In 2013, she founded Espaço Nibbana in Brazil, an alternative therapy center focused on body and mind care. Moving to Thailand in 2014, Espaço Nibbana became NIBBANA Training Center, maintaining the brand associated with the dissemination of traditional Thai knowledge.
Since June 2020, she is living in Switzerland and providing services to the Swiss community.

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