Thriving Through Divorce MasterCourse

Thriving Through Divorce MasterCourse

Author: From Divorce to Destiny
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High Conflict Co-Parenting Hacks
This additional course is for conscious divorcees who are dealing with a high-conflict co-parent.
The course covers boundaries, money, self-care, communication, and much more plus it will help you achieve peace and control in your life.

What's Inside?

  • 8 Week Thriving Through Divorce Masterclass - $997
  • Phoenix Flight Path - Proven Tools, Guides, And Checklists - $ 497
  • Phoenix Lagoon, the Secret Facebook Groups - $149
  • Phoenix Expert Masterclasses - $497
  • Total Value = $2140

What My Clients Say About Me:

  • “Everything you say comes from experience and it’s very valuable, right now it sounds like gospel to me. And it really impacts me. I’m so glad to have met you.” - Astrid

What My Clients Say About Me:

  • I feel like you’re in my head while I’m doing and reading the exercises, because it’s exactly what I’m dealing with, going through and processing” - Dr. Heather Roderick

What My Clients Say About Me:

  • Amazing guidance and advice, on such a personal and touchy subject. I recommend her to anyone who needs help guiding themselves through their divorce or marriage" - Joe Esteves

Valentine Stockdale - "From Divorce To Destiny has become one of my favorite resources!"

Dr. Heather Roderick - "It was like divine intervention!"

John Miller - "Participating in the Phoenix Nests was probably the single most important thing I've done through my divorce."

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