How to Turn your Email Newsletter Into a Goldmine

How to Turn your Email Newsletter Into a Goldmine

Cindy Lin talks about the importance of newsletter and how to use it to get more clients in this up-to-date presentation.

About Cindy Lin

Cindy has been an entrepreneur ever since she had baby teeth. As a third-generation small business owners, Cindy started Staged4more when she was 25 out of her parents’ garage. After 10+ years in the home staging industry and building Staged4more to a 6-figure, award-winning business, Staged4more is now an international school of home staging that provides quality, practical and modern home staging and business courses for home stagers. 

In additions to home staging, Cindy had worked as a freelance creative building sets and windows for companies like Anthropologie, Ralph Lauren and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as designing commercial and private events, and working on photo shoots as a prop and wardrobe assistant on photo shoots for companies like O Magazine, Target, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Google, and Apple. She had also freelanced as a florist in London, building floral arrangements for high-end hotels and restaurants. She also works internationally as a photographer, having obtained a master degree in photography in Paris, France, and in the process of obtaining her masters in photojournalism in London, UK. All these creative, visual experiences and business trainings have allowed Cindy to hone her skills in styling, visual design, composition, photography, as well as looking at business models in various creative industries.

About Home Staging Association

The Home Staging Association was founded to strengthen the industry, being the link between Home Staging Professionals, and also between the industry and its partners, suppliers and clients.

As an Association, the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland provides support, information and training to all professionals in the Home Staging industry, contributing to the activity growth and recognition. We do that by gathering and promoting businesses and all professional services related to the area, being the one place to turn to when looking for a home stager or services alike.

The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland promotes networking opportunities and provides information on the market in general, as well as tips on home decor, interior styling and the property market, focusing on contributing to the industry through professional growth and development.

HSA Member Natalie Evans
HSA Member Natalie Evans

"Next year, I need to invest in a bigger notepad! This year’s Home Staging Forum has blown me away. I have the longest list of actions to support my business journey."

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