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What Does the 21 Days Practice offer?

  • Digital Book for Daily Use (177 pages)
  • Weekly Follow-up with Andean Masters
  • Recipe book
  • Guided meditation
  • Special selection of mantras and songs for the Practice
  • Activities, dietary recommendations, experiences, and energetic and emotional cleansing
  • Video-class with energetic exercise (kriya)
  • Access for 5 months
Tomasa Soraya Molina
Tomasa Soraya Molina

"The practice came into my life like the fresh air that opens the way to get to the lungs! Pure life pulsating and deep. Since then, ten years have passed, and I continue to receive this fresh air and every time it causes me amazement and visible changes in my life! "

Fabíola Mello
Fabíola Mello

"Doing the 21-Day Practice brought me beyond physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing ... clarity of what really matters and deserves attention, love to live, and new meaning on how to deal with daily difficulties!"

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Sonia M. Sobral Motoyama (Susi Sandoval) - Pelotas/RS
Sonia M. Sobral Motoyama (Susi Sandoval) - Pelotas/RS

"The Practice of the 21 Days makes me dance with the moments, helping to undo the masks, to look at me deeply, to break the limits, to feel Pachamama with intense love. And mainly to enjoy what arrives, with a bit of poetry and letting the imaginary play with me."

Paulo, Teacher and Musician
Paulo, Teacher and Musician

"I have been practicing for almost 10 years and I always surprise myself ... With our ability to forget what is really essential, to live life in plenitude. The practice revives my sensitivity, makes sprout affection and love towards everything, take the veil out of my eyes, revealing the joyful, wonderful mystery that is to be conscious of this present."