Spirit Bird - Live Choreo Challenge

Anderson and Brenda’s unique style already impact many people around the world with their intense demonstration of connection, trust, flow, support and surrender. They did many courses based on the concepts behind their style, and they understand that these concepts are something to be developed and deeppen forever, so they missed a place where people could put into practice, repeat, repeat, repeat and train to integrate this way of dancing. So, this course will be the first one where they will teach, in a form of choreographic elements, the movements that were created by the deep embodiment of those concepts.

In 2019, in a coproduction with special friends, we recorded this improvised dance that is made of 8 years of study, research and development as resumed demonstration of the level of connection, trust and support that we can develop through dance with our own body, with our partner and with nature.

So today we decided to transform it into a choreography to teach those movements in a simple and detailed way, in order for people to practice, repeat and train with us. And here, you have the opportunity to watch the edited recordings of the first part of the sequence/choreo/video. 

The course remains available for 1 year after buy it.

Spirit Bird Choreo Challenge - Part I

Author: Espaco Corporescer
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