Explorations in somatic education and Rolfing movement, experiential anatomy and coaching

A place is guaranteed with the registration and payment of the course in strict order of registration.Once the course begins, no more students are accepted in this course.
Once you have completed this course, you will have the possibility of taking it the following year for half the price as an advanced student.
Looking forward to having you on board

Bibiana Badenes


  • 8 live seminars. 2 hours duration.
  • Option of questions and forum during and after the seminars.
  • Availability of recording the live classes if you have not been able to attend.
  • Professional videos of all the exercises and manual for each one of them.
  • 2 individual tutorials of 30 min duration with Bibiana Badenes.
  • Weekly support from Bibiana.
  • Material to help you practice at home.
  • Group dynamics and interaction between participants.
  • and above all Bibiana’s humour included in each module.
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