“It's my training program that teaches you how to achieve realistic Rendering once for all.

With RENDERMIND you will make realistic renderings, for sure. It will improve all aspects of your rendering vision and you will also learn everything about that market.

You will understand why my training is better than the other 3D courses that exist and the answer is simple: it is not a Corona course, it is not a Vray course, nor a Lumion course.

In my training you will learn to apply a simple and more efficient method, because I teach the technique of how a realistic render can be more realistic.

It is a 100% online training and is available on a modern and intuitive platform.

Classes are available for a period of one year, and can be accessed as many times as necessary, simply by accessing the internet.

In this training, I use 3DSMax and Corona, because today, on the Market, these are softwares that give the result I need, but understanding my technique you will be able to apply it in any rendering software.

My training will bring you more results because it is not a 3D course. It is a complete training that teaches, from the technical basis of realistic rendering. It goes through the practical part inside a real studio (yes I have my own studio, where I show you as my team and I work without cuts. I also deliver the processes of how everything works inside Oficina3D Studio. And, in addition, I make available the necessary budget documents and contracts for you to be able to work in the real estate market).

I will show you how to get customers, and how is the work process.

You can already see that my training is not just a 3D course!

I created this methodology because my mission is to help more and more people to have the same result as I did. I want to see students changing their lives as I changed mine through architecture rendering."

Ander Alencar

Ander Alencar is one of the biggest names in the field of 3D architectural rendering in Brazil, being one of the great pioneers in the Archviz area, with over 20 years of experience.

Founder and director of OFICINA3D studio, where he works until today. He also worked on the international animation feature film "Asterix and the Vikings" and improved his studies at The Animation Collaborative (PIXAR, California – USA).

He is a certified instructor by Corona Academy (Prague, Czech Republic - Corona Renderer Official Headquarters).

He is the creator and idealizer of the training methodology RENDERMIND, which is transforming the scenario and the market of realistic architectural rendering.

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