Play at a high level and teach Beach Tennis!
You're going to purchase a course designed for those who want to start practicing the sport, and also for competitors who seek further techniques improvements, and even become a coach. That's because we have a complete, dynamic, and objective content of lessons.

Our class methodology is based on more than 20 years of practicing and experience of three great champions of this sport: Simona Bonadonna (ITA), Joana Cortez (BRA), and Samantha Barijan (BRA).

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In this Module...

  • 15 Lessons / 5-Hour
  • Extra Content
  • Student Support
  • Certificate
Lourdes Santiago
Lourdes Santiago

"Brita Class is for anyone who wants to learn or expand their knowledge, practice and teach BT from the comfort of your home. Taught by some of the best experienced instructors as well as professional players in the world, I recommend it 100%."